My name is Carolin Blaske and I live in Hexham, Northumberland with my partner and three children. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, I came to London in 1995 to study on the BA Joint Honours course Ceramics and Metalwork at the Camberwell College of Art. In 1999 I graduated with an MA in Book Art from the London Institute. I have since worked as an art tutor for people with learning difficulties and also had a job as a special needs teaching assistant at primary schools in South London. I spent several months working at the Winchcombe Pottery in Gloucestershire, and have worked as a German Language teacher. I met my partner whilst living in Crystal Palace, South London, and in 2003 we moved to Hexham with our eldest daughter. Since then we have brought up three children in this beautiful part of the country. Hexham’s creative community is growing in strength, and it is a very exciting and inspiring place to set up a creative business.

I discovered the beautiful process of felting a couple of years ago, when my mother sent me a big box of colourful wool. I studied ceramics and metalwork, and have enjoyed learning about green woodworking, so being able to create again without needing much space or expensive tools is great. My youngest daughter has started school in September, so I was definitely ready to start something new.  I have now moved my workshop from the dining room table at home to an attic room at №10 Market Place in Hexham. It is a happy space in the centre of town, with beautiful views and well worth the climb up all those stairs. The wool I use comes from a company in Germany dedicated to animal welfare and the protection of rare breeds. The dyes that produce such beautiful vibrant colours are all non-toxic. I am looking to source local wool for my work, although not every sheep produces wool suitable for felting, and it is difficult to get hold of the same quality of colours. Apart from working with wool I am also exploring other fabrics and textiles, paper, found and recycled materials…

I am using my experience in working with children and people in the community to run workshops, and I am beginning to establish links with schools and other public places. I am interested in promoting creativity as an important part of education as well as using the therapeutic value of creative processes.